Thursday, October 28, 2010


So until I can post the fun and gory details of my labor and delivery of Austin Craig, here is a list of phrases from that time that are sticking out in my mind the most.

1. Oh, snap this really hurts!
2. You don't mind interns do you?
3. Kevin if you answer that phone during one of my contractions again and you are within reaching distance I will punch you.
4. No, I don't WANT an epidural!
5. Okay, I think I want some IV meds now.
6. @$%#^&$%^@#$^*&*)()(%^^%%%&* (Okay, that part was internal, but I admit, it was there!)
7. Kevin, you have to move I can't stand the way you look so horrified!
8. Push! Wait, don't push! *sob!*
9. He's out!
10. He's huge!

I'll end the list there for now :) I will post the whole thing in a few days!