Monday, May 17, 2010

What a day....and it's not even noon yet

You would think, that since I woke up facing this (fyi, I don't always have this many dishes, but I cleaned out my fridge and all the little science experiments growing in it).

And this

AND this (dirty cloth diapers to be washed and rinsed throughout the day!)

Not to forget these two, who require every second of my attention (unless I can distract them with food and Kipper the Dog....I love Kipper with all my heart)

All those things in mind, plus calling the dermatologist for Kevin and the other 1,000 little things I do all day, you would think that it would be horribly unfair for anything else to happen. And it was,oh it was unfair that Sydney decided to greet me with this when she woke up.

I was up at 7:30, showered and working on my medical transcription when they woke up at 9:15. They were both laughing and happy, so I left them alone until I was done with the chapter I was working on, so about 9:40 I went in to get them and was greeted by two smiling girls, one was clean and one was covered in poo - and laughing. Nary a tear or wail from her, she must have just felt better from getting it all out! So to keep my sanity, I laughed. And gagged. And opened the windows and grabbed the camera. Then I put them both in the tub and scrubbed em! Then I cleaned the crib and put all the sheets in the washer. And my husband wonders why he sometimes comes home to a house that's dirty. I think I really took those pictures as evidence of what I do all day!! Now that I've shared my days grossness with you, I must go finish cleaning. Ta!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Tonight I am feeling very sad. We took our dog Bain to the pound, and left her there. And when I say we, I meant me, because Kevin was at work and I had to go by myself. Just 5 months ago we picked her up from that same place. When we got her, I wasn't even planning on getting a dog, we had taken a bag of dog biscuits, paper towels and some other stuff for donating there, and decided to look around, and there she was this little ball of fat and fur - she was adorable, like all puppies are at first. I should have gone with my instincts on her though, I remember thinking she's kind of a loner, and not super enthusiastic like all the other puppies in her group. But she was the only all black one, and the sign said Boxer/Lab mix - and Kevin really wanted(wants) a black lab. So I paid the hundred bucks and took her home. As she started growing though, it became very obvious that she was not a boxer mix, but rather a pitbull/lab mix. I had a pitbull, and American Staffordshire Terrier if you will, named Tink the tank because that girl was solid! I also had to give that pitbull away, because my parents homeowners insurance wouldn't allow pits - only a couple companies do - I gave her to a friend with a pit of his own, and they got out of the yard and attacked his neighbors poodle. I loved that dog a lot, and she was wonderful with people, but she definitely had a pitbull nature - high small prey drive, dominant nature, very protective - I wouldn't say I'm prejudiced to them, but they are not the breed for me. Flash forward through housebreaking, learning not to bite, or steal the kids toys(never quite succeeded, she always managed to sneak them away)and the pitbull side of her started coming out. She trapped our little old neighbor between her car and garage and wouldn't let her by, she chased after Lexi in the backyard, and started becoming very territorial. All of this led to a phone call this morning to Kevin, saying "I think she needs to go to the pound" and Kevin saying, "I was going to call you and say the same thing." I miss her a lot already. I didn't have my footwarmer while I was doing dishes tonight, or have to remind her to go outside and do her business. Those that know me, know I've had a lot of dogs. Diz, Tink, Lani, and now Bain. Does this mean I'm not a good dog owner? Or is it the wrong breeds? Or just bad timing? Bain was the first dog that I felt I truly gave all I could to, time, energy, training, love, and it just wasn't enough to change her nature. Or was it my expectations of her? I just worried that she would get out and hurt someone, and now I worry that she will just linger in a kennel, wanting people to love her, but being to excited they will say she's too high maintenance or high energy for us. And wondering why we don't come get her. I don't have anything really witty to say right now, or endearing. I'm just sad.