Friday, December 23, 2011

Cheerios on my yoga mat

Really? That's the post I decided to take a break on? It's been since AUGUST that I last wrote anything! Good grief (hey, it's Christmastime, you know that everyone is watching Charlie Brown). This post is about something I deal with at least a couple times a week: working out with children in your house. Children who happen to be awake at the time you are trying to work out, in the same 4 inch space as where you are trying to do a downward dog, chaturanga, round-house kick or whatever! I think you see my point. It is so cold here that running at 6:50 in the morning is not really an option I like to choose. Nor is going outside to do my yoga like I do in the summertime. So it means in the living room, next to the wood burning stove; which on the plus side gives you a great sweat session! The kids see me start my workout, and that means immediate requests for: hold me! water, please! shoes on! I went potty - come wipe me! When those are declined, ignored (except for the potty one, that's just a mess waiting to happen otherwise!) then the kids fall into the dance of doing what mommy is doing....right next to me. Which means I dance around trying to find an open area to kick or stretch. OR they eat snacks right next to me which means I am stepping on cheerios and whatnot the whole time. The best (and by that I mean worst) time is when the dog decides to get into it too. There's nothing like a downward dog pose where your dog starts licking your face while you're trying to concentrate on your breathing. I'm complaining, I know. But it's also kind of fun sometimes. Especially when I lay down to do ab stuff, and the kids take that as "jump on mommy!" time. But that's some great tickling, airplane, bonding opportunities that I take time to enjoy. The whole point of working out is to be a stronger me, and a better, happier, fitter mommy for the punks. What would be the point if I didn't include them? As a reminder for myself, and all mom's that are trying to be healthy - there will be lots of time to namaste without the extra noise and craziness. I should just be grateful that I have healthy, happy kids that want to be wherever I am - because I know that when they are teenagers, I will probably be low on the list of people to hang with (I hope not, but it's most likely gonna happen.)