Thursday, November 3, 2016

October in Laie for the Ludlows

This month flew by!  I can't believe we only have four months left (116 days, 12 hours, and 44 minutes - I'm absolutely keeping track!)  Definitely having mixed feelings; can't wait to go home, so sad to leave.  Kevin finished his second to last term and is on break for this week, then it's back for his final term!  It's felt like it would never get here, and now we're almost done.  There's still another intense year ahead 2017/18 for his Master's but man, it feels so good to see him accomplish this!

Anyway, here's some fun pictures!

Our monster door! 

Ant Man, Dia de los Muertos Sugarskull, Scarlet Witch from Avenger's, Black Panther, and a Storm Trooper!  Kevin was wishy washy on me putting makeup on him, and then we ran out of time (I'll get him next year!)

Then we spent the next afternoon doing this!  Oh Kawela (Kuh-vel-uh) Bay, we love you

Why can't our family all just come and live here with us?! 

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