Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lexi at Doernbecher...Day of the Surgery

Warning: This rambles quite a bit, sorry :)

So we are here in Portland, Lexi is actually in surgery right now and I am listening to a little kid screaming his head off down the hall. We came up Tuesday night, her appointment was Wednesday and they admitted her at about 4:30 pm. They started her on a clear liquid diet, and that went on until about midnight, then they had her just with an IV and nothing per mouth. They also had begun her bowel prep, which was this medicine that they had going through her nose/stomach tube, that was called "go lightly"..... Baloney! That stuff had her filling her bag completely every hour! But as the night (and endless hours of no sleep) went on her stool became more and more clear, and turned yellow, which is just mainly stomach bile. She wasn't scheduled for surgery until 3:30,so when Kevin came back(he stayed at the RMac house overnight, and we stayed up with Lexi) Tiff (she came up last night) and I decided to go back to the Ronald McDonald house (the most awesome place, especially when you are away from home and your baby is sick, or having surgery) and do some laundry (considering that she had thrown up all down my shirt when they put the nose tube in, and then I had poop on my sweats and on my shirt, and two of her blankets) We had some breakfast, and had just gone to the room to take a nap - since the longest chunk of time we slept was 2 hours straight - when Kevin called and said they moved her surgery up, they are sending a transport team to take her down. In hospital time that could mean 5 minutes, or up to an hour, you never really know. We booked it back to the room, no shower, still only 5 hours of sleep- really crappy sleep honestly since I was on that hard chair that folds into a bed, Tiff was on the window bed, and I had to hold Lexi all night, she screamed every time I put her down, and if I left the room like, to go to the bathroom it took a bit to calm her down when I got back! Anyway, all of that to wait about 1/2 an hour, then go down the operating "base" and wait there about another 1 1/2 hours! So they are still in surgery, and this has been since about 12:30, they said they will come out and update us about 1 1/2 hours into it, but still no news yet and it's been 2 hours. They are going to sew up her colostomy, take her intestine down to her bum, literally pull it through and stitch it directly to her rectum. She will have stitches in 2 places, so she will be very sore for a while, and on some drugs to keep her happy. She most likely won't get to eat for at least 1 full day, and then after that on a special diet for a couple weeks to let her stitches heal up so that nothing tears. We will probably not be released to go home until Tuesday, maybe later depending on how she is doing with everything. So here are some pictures, and her are some videos we've taken- she has actually been so happy and smiling for everyone and she loves the nurses (when they aren't shoving tubes down her nose or sticking needles in her legs!) because they have stethoscopes and pager/phones around their necks! She looks pretty sleep deprived in some of these though, and a little stoned since she is giving this cheeseball grin all the time. Soon though she will be back to her normal self, being our happy little peanut!


Anja said...

Well overall she looks great and happy! I hope you guys are doing well...that last video just breaks my heart...I hate to hear them cry like that, so sad!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got your text last night! I'm sorry I didn't respond... I was kinda out of it.

I'm so glad surgery went well... and I can't believe how BIG she's gotten! I mean, last time I saw her she was so tiny!

Congratulations on a good surgery, and good luck in the weeks to come. I love ya!